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Bible Verse is a tiny application that presents a random Biblical quotation on your desktop. The Biblical text changes at preset intervals of 5, 15, or 30 seconds, and 1, 15 and 30 minutes, or every time you click on the text. Also, the program allows you to modify several parameters according to your tastes, like the font to be used, the color, and if the shadow of the text will be added or removed. The text can appear in a transparent form or within a solid frame. Also, you can view the Biblical verses in the following languages: English, French, German and Russian. A useful feature allows you to copy the text and paste it into another program, like a text processor. The text appears by default in the upper right corner of the screen, but you can modify its position simply by dragging it with the pointer. Another useful feature lets you change your wallpaper directly from this program, without having to go to the Control panel. If you want to read different Bible texts directly from your desktop, this software would be very useful to you. The version 2.0 of the program features more than 500 verses.

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trusted DOWNLOAD 2.3 MB

Publisher's description

Every time when you start up your computer, this program writes the verse from the Bible on the desktop wallpaper. If you click on it by a mouse button you will see another verse and so on.

This version contains 1000 Bible verses. These verses appear by random (but we know, that the change is from God);

There are English, French, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Armenian, Hindi, Chinese and Thai verses.

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    Kris 4 months ago

    Great Software.Thanks so much.

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    Guest 4 years ago

    l wish it would help me to changes my notebook walpaper

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    Guest 4 years ago

    the reading capability of this reader should be improved